Creditworthiness of Excellence

Thanks to excellent business results last year, we became the bearer of the internationally recognized AAA certificate of excellence!

This means that we have met all the strict financial and analytical criteria according to a methodology that is unique for the whole of Europe and is based on the official annual financial reports of the company.

It is a confirmation that we belong to the group of 5% of the best companies in the Republic of Serbia, and at the same time a reference that we really are what we strive to show in every project – a safe, reputable and desirable partner.

The Certificate of Credit Excellence is one of the most important European standards that defines the quality of business and, in other words, an internationally recognized mark of economic quality and excellence of a business entity.

A big thank you to all our previous business partners for allowing us to become part of the AA family.

The certificate is awarded by Bisnode, the leading provider of smart data and analysis services in Europe!

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