Nidec is the world’s leading manufacturer of all types of electric motors, especially small spindle motors used in hard drives, with the largest share in the global market.

In the business-production complex “Nidec” in Novi Sad, we performed work on the production and assembly of the steel structure that serves to form production units. Inside the existing building, with an area of over 9000m2, a steel structure with grids of 8m x 6m was formed.

The steel structure consists of columns, main trusses and attics. The ceiling panels, which are located below the main lattice supports, are supported on the attics via hangers. At the level below the main lattice supports, “clean” rooms were formed in which production takes place.

In the space above the attic, all the installations (ventilation ducts, gas installations, air conditioning chambers…) necessary for the functioning of production and the service track are placed.

  • INVESTOREuroCons Group d.o.o
  • LOCATIONIndustrial zone Novi Sad
  • OBJECT TYPEBusiness and production complex Nidec
  • DIMENSIONSBase 133 x 69m
  • WEIGHT190t
  • DURATION12.2022. - 06.2023.

T. +381(0)21/847-290


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