Heating plant Kragujevac

Contex Energy doo represents the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for district heating, oil and gas. For the client Contex Energy doo, we performed works on the construction and reconstruction of the heating plant in Kragujevac.

The structure of the smoke duct supports has dimensions of 8 x 6.5 x 50m, in addition to this, supports for 5 boilers, pipeline supports on a route of 560m, fan channels for five boilers, roof structure, control room, collector and economizer supports were made.

The project also provides for the installation of the Schidel chimney system with a diameter of 1200 mm. A special challenge during the execution of the works is the installation of chimneys from the boilers to the top of the supports at a height of 50m.

  • INVESTOREnergotehnika Južna Bačka
  • LOCATIONKragujevac
  • OBJECT TYPEProcess energy facilities
  • DURATION12.2021 - 09.2022

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