ČELIK d.o.o. Bački Jarak 


Go through our history

  • 1971

    The company “Čelik” comes from Novograp from 1971, when production in today’s plants started

  • 1984

    Since 1984, “Čelik” has been operating as a stand-alone company.

  • 2003

    Privatization and transition to a joint-stock company in 2003.

  • 2017

    “Čelik” operates as a limited liability company since December 2017 and the majority ownership of one of the largest companies in Serbia – PROMIST doo


The company Čelik comes from Novograp in 1971, when production started in today’s production hall. The primary intention of the founder was the construction of storage facilities and silo for the needs of agricultural production in the territory of AP Vojvodina.

From the very foundation and beginning of production, constant growth and development has been recorded, and since 1984, Čelik has been operating as a stand-alone company.

After that for a full 20 years, the company operates in a social form of ownership, which was characteristic for the same period.

Privatization and transition to a joint stock company takes place in 2003.

Since December 2017, “Celik” has been operating as a limited liability company with a clearly defined ownership structure and majority ownership of one of the largest companies in Serbia – PROMIST d.o.o. From Novi Sad.

Today, Čelik is a modernly organized company and certainly a significant entity in the field of construction and production of steel constructions. Also, ownership structure and management clearly define plans that increase capacities, expand the range of services, and achieve the highest standards of business.


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Čelik d.o.o.


Čelik d.o.o. currently employs 76 workers and has highly qualified staff in each business segment.

-9 engineers
-28 qualified locksmiths
-14 certified welders
-8 installers-locksmith
-3 limars
-4 painters

In addition to the technical service staff, there is also a professional management in Čelik, as well as accompanying services that can respond to all business challenges, as well as different customer requirements.


The location where we operate is 3.5ha, is located on the main road and is equipped with a complete infrastructure necessary for the business.

Steel processing, sandblasting and painting are carried out on 4,000m2 of closed space with the possibility of extension to the planned 8,000m2.

The equipment in operation includes the necessary cutting, drilling, welding and other machines required for quality and efficient production.

Čelik d.o.o. is fully equipped with vehicles and equipment for logistics and assembly (6 cranes, 7 scissor platforms for working at altitude, 2 boom, transporters, etc.)



Our company is trying to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We apply a quality management system to monitor the quality of final production and create better conditions for our employees.

ISO 9001
The quality management system has been standard for several decades in the civilized world, which is a synonym for quality and confirms that the company strictly respects and meets the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization. This certificate serves as the main criterion for selecting the company and for guaranteeing the quality of the offered services.

EN ISO 3834 (ISO 3834) is a European (international) standard created by welding professionals. Standard EN ISO 3834 is not a comprehensive quality management system, but provides a definite list of special elements and the organization of controls that is needed in places where welding is used. It was developed to identify all factors that could affect the quality of the welded product and require control at all stages before, during and after welding.

EN 1090-2  is European Standard specifies requirements for execution of structural steelwork as structures or as manufactured components, produced from: – hot rolled, structural steel products up to and including grade S700; – cold formed components and sheeting up to and including grade S700 (unless coming within the scope of prEN 1090-4); – hot finished or cold formed austenitic, austenitic-ferritic and ferritic stainless steel products; – hot finished or cold formed structural hollow sections, including standard range and custom-made rolled products and hollow sections manufactured by welding.