Heating plant Majdanpek

For the client “Contex Energy doo”, we performed works on the construction and installation of the steel structure of the heating plant in Majdanpek.

In addition to the basic construction of the heating plant, we also installed the supporting structure for the chimneys. Chimneys of the Schiedel type with a diameter of 600 and 700 mm, reaching a height of 22 meters.

We haven’t forgotten about the final details that make the difference. Our workers installed aluminum locks for doors, windows and blinds with special care, thus providing an aesthetically finished appearance of the building.

In addition, we engaged in the procurement and installation of prefabricated thermopanels for the roof and facade, with careful processing of the final cladding. In this way, we ensured optimal thermal insulation and functionality of the building.

  • INVESTORContex Energy doo
  • LOCATIONMajdanpek
  • OBJECT TYPEHeating plant
  • DIMENSIONS27x18x8.5m
  • WEIGHT35t
  • DURATION10.2023 -01.2024

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