Railway bridge in Niš

The existing steel structure of the bridge at km 4+871.5 on the railway line 219 Crveni Krst (Niš) – Zaječar – Prahovo Pristanište, bridges the main road Nikola Tesla Boulevard. The structure was damaged in February 2022. The new bridge structure is designed very similarly to the existing one. The axial distance of the main supports of 3600 mm was kept – this distance is dictated by the places that are intended to accommodate the beds on the pillars. The new orthotropic plate consists of longitudinal supports – open ribs made of sheets. The transverse supports are at a distance of 2280 mm. The new bridge, like the existing one, has pedestrian paths on both sides for official use.

  • INVESTORBricken doo
  • OBJECT TYPETransport infrastructure
  • DIMENSIONS17267mm
  • WEIGHT37t
  • DURATION10.2022.-11.2022.