Termometal LCC

Termometal doo Ada, a leader in the production of non-series parts, tools and assemblies. From the beginning of ours cooperation, we participated in each of their production expansion and business development. During 2022, we performed works on the connection of facilities within the production complex. Object the size of the canopy is 12 x 90m, up to a height of 7.5m. The project envisages the dismantling of the existing one canopies and production with the installation of a new roof structure. The entire space is equipped with
crane track supports for overhead cranes with a capacity of 4t. A special challenge during the execution of works is ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the plant throughout the construction process.

  • INVESTORTermometal doo
  • OBJECT TYPEHall, roof structure and shields
  • DIMENSIONS12 x 85m
  • WEIGHT 65t
  • DURATION07.2022 - 09.2022

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