TSC Stadium – Bačka Topola

At the stadium of the football club “TSC” in Bačka Topola, we performed all the works related to the steel construction.
– Facade columns: 261 facade columns, total weight 226 tons, were installed around the stadium. Height of pillars is 10-21m, for most of the pillars oversized transport was required. The heaviest pillar 1350 kg, height 21 m.
– Reflector poles on the northern side weighing 9.5t and height 17m, are mounted at a height of +18m. Reflector poles in the south are 13.5m high, mounted at a height of +21.5m, weighing 7.5t. Because complicated geometries of the reflector poles, we performed the pre-assembly of the poles in production. On the construction site, the pillars are assembled on the ground, and after assembly, all the accompanying ones equipment (installation and reflectors), the complete pole was raised to its designed position. Because due to bad conditions with the base inside the stadium, the only way to mount the poles was from the outside side of the stadium, and a 200t truck crane was used for that occasion.
– Passarella: Warm connection between the stadium and the facility of indoor swimming pools, total weight construction is 35t. The footbridge is 26m long, with a main span of 16m. Construction the footbridge is mounted at a height of +4.5m, the total height of the footbridge is +8.3m. Main the structure of the footbridge was mounted on the ground, then the footbridge was raised on its own
projected position and later the assembly of the secondary structure was carried out. For assembly 100t and 70t cranes were used for the footbridges. The construction of the TSC football stadium in Bačka Topola is a significant project that has transformed sports infrastructure of this region. The new stadium will serve as the home ground for the football club TSC, but it will also have wider positive effects on the local community and the development of football in Serbia, such as facilitating the development of young players and improving the quality of football training and competitions.

  • INVESTORTončev group doo i Tsc doo
  • LOCATIONBačka Topola
  • OBJECT TYPEFootball stadium TSC
  • WEIGHT295t
  • DURATION 01.2020. - 07.2021.

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