Voždovac heating plant

The predominant activity of “Belgrade Power Plants” is the supply of steam and air conditioning. For construction purposes We carried out work on the production and installation of steel at the cogeneration plant of the heating plant in Voždovac construction as well as the installation of mechanical equipment inside the plant. The construction is manufactured in accordance with strict requirements of welding quality control and fire protection. It represented a special challenge assembly of the structure, which was carried out after the installation of gas aggregates. The height of the plant is 17.5m, with assembly extensions made of high-value screws with full tightening force.

  • INVESTORJKP „Beogradske elektrane“
  • LOCATIONBeograd, Voždovac
  • OBJECT TYPECogeneration gas plant "TO Voždovac",
  • DIMENSIONS24 x 12m
  • WEIGHT180t
  • DURATION 07.2018 - 11.2018

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