Voortman steel processing line

By moving to a new production facility, we modernized and automated the production process by acquiring new Voortman steel machines for processing profiles and plates. In addition to the significant expansion of existing production capacities, the new equipment gives us the ability to respond to the special requests of our clients.

Voortman V630 –  CNC Beam Drill Line Machine for processing profiles, which consists of processing center for drilling, marking, milling and also cutter machine.

Voortman V310 – CNC Plasma Cutting And Drilling machine.
The machine give us the possibility of cutting, drilling and marking sheet metal elements. In addition, it performs angled cutting (3D cutting), deburring, milling, threading and gas cutting.

In addition to the design, production and assembly of steel constructions, as well as the execution of construction works according to the “turnkey” system, we now offer our clients the service of cutting and drilling openings on steel profiles and plates.

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