Beška Viaduct

In cooperation with the company Karin Komerc Md from Veternik, works were carried out on the assembly and welding of the steel structure of the Viaduct on the part of the railway at km 51+423.75 in Beška, the section Stara Pazova – Novi Sad. The railway bridge at km 51+423.75, of the double-track railway Stara Pazova – Novi Sad, is a viaduct that bridges the local road Beška – Maradik and the water canal. The bridge structure was adopted as a coupled, static system of a simple beam with a span of L=40 [m]. The total length of the bridge is 480 [m], that is, 12 fields of 40 [m] length. After delivery to the construction site, the segments were partially unloaded into the field where their assembly was planned, and the rest of the segments onto the platforms for segment disposal along the access road along the route of the bridge. The assembly of the segments was carried out with a 120 [t] truck crane.

  • INVESTORKarin Komerc md doo
  • LOCATIONČortanovci
  • OBJECT TYPERoad object - bridge
  • DURATION02.2019-12.2020.

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