Production hall Čelik doo

As part of the “Phase 1” project of our investment, a production hall with an administrative part was built according to the turnkey system. The total area of the building is 3386.19m2. The main structure of the hall is steel. It consists of steel rolled columns, steel roof box grids, cornices, facade supports and couplings. A bridge crane is planned in the hall. The floor of the hall is a floating waterproof reinforced concrete slab “ferro concrete”. The construction of the administrative part is steel, with connected mezzanine beams and a cross-reinforced concrete slab. The administrative part consists of P+1. On the ground floor there are changing rooms, sanitary facilities and shower cabins for workers, while the first floor consists of offices, sanitary facilities, a kitchen and a technical room. The entire building is naturally lit through skylights placed on the ridge of the roof structure and parapet windows in the hall part, and with windows in the administrative part of the building from all apartments except for the neighboring plot. The building is equipped with electric, vik and gas installation.

  • INVESTORČelik doo Bački Jarak
  • LOCATIONBački Jarak
  • OBJECT TYPEProduction hall with administrative part
  • DIMENSIONS127 x 24m i 10.48 x 15.96m
  • WEIGHT175t
  • DURATION 03.2022 - 08.2023

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