Thermowool doo

As part of the renewed cooperation with our investor “Thermowool”, we carried out a project on a glass wool production plant. The plant consists of a combination of concrete and steel construction, where inside the concrete building there are specially made platforms for air filters and a platform under the furnace. The roof of the concrete building was constructed using steel lattice main supports and cornices, placed at a height of +22.0 meters. The facade substructure is also built on the concrete building, providing support for the openings on the facade.

It is important to note that this building was located inside the existing building, with its crest being 5 meters high above the crest of the existing building. During the project, we also performed roofing and facade works. Sandwich panels with a total area of ​​306 square meters were placed on the roof of the building, while 960 square meters of facade sandwich panels were placed on the facade. 250 square meters of grid galvanized footings are also being installed on the building.

  • INVESTORThermowool
  • LOCATIONAdaševci
  • OBJECT TYPEPlant for the production of glass wool
  • DIMENSIONS7x12,5m i visine 17m
  • WEIGHT100t
  • DURATION 06.2023- 12.2023

T. +381(0)21/847-290


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